Products and Services

Wendy’s provides personalized service for women, men and children who have had loss of hair due to chemotherapy, alopecia, radiation or surgery.


We have the largest selection of moderately priced wigs, hairpieces and extensions with over 150 different styles from which to choose. These are quality products from the world’s best known manufacturers. All styles are the latest in fashion, with any color choice desired. All of our wigs, hairpieces and extensions are light, comfortable and require very little maintenance.


Our stylists have the expertise for fitting and styling to make the wig, hairpiece or extension of your choice look completely natural and to bring out the most becoming features of each individual.


Two private fitting rooms provide you with the necessary privacy and comfort to cater to your needs. We at Wendy’s Wigs provide this service for you at a price you can afford, and at the same time give you that natural look!


We also make available over 25 different styles of head coverings including hats, berets, turbins, cloches and wraps in beautiful prints and solids. A bang of your choice can be purchased with these products to match any hair color!


Some insurance companies pay for hair replacement. In such instances we provide you with a letter noting the services performed.